Groundhog Day 2017

No surprise that Trump would appoint a far right, activist jurist like Neil Gorsuch.  The guy loves to legislate from the bench.  This is no surprise.  His mother was Anne Gorsuch.  Most remember her for her stint as head of the EPA during the Reagan administration.  She was so awful and gutted it so much that Reagan had to fire her because of contempt of Congress charges.

Prior to that she served as a representative in the Colorado House.  She was a member of the “House Crazies.”  This was the alt-right before the term had been coined.  She earned the nickname “the Ice Queen.”  She was the female Steve Bannon.  She married Bob Burford in 1983 while he was head of the Bureau of Land Management.  She’d met him when he was serving in the Colorado House.  Burford was a good-ol-boy rancher from Colorado’s western slope.  Putting a rancher in charge of the BLM was like putting a fox in charge of the hen house, due to all federal land they lease for grazing.  Even he couldn’t stand her and was in the process of divorcing her when he died.  The couple may be most remembered for when Burford got pulled over for driving drunk and Anne jumped out of the car and started screaming at the cop.  She was charged with public drunkenness.

Children learn from their parent’s actions.  Neil clearly learned from his mother.   It’s Groundhog Day.  Again.




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35 responses to “Groundhog Day 2017

  1. I have mixed feelings about how the Dems should proceed on Gorsuch. I hate this tit-for-tat method of governing. I want it to stop.

  2. dnd

    The Trump Sandwich goes viral 😉

  3. dnd

    Poor Kellyann Goebles caught in yet another lie.

  4. dnd

    So trump turned off his recording device on his call with Putie. Suspicious. I bet Putie didn’t. One more thing to bribe trump with.

  5. dnd

    Trump tweets about “radical Islamic terrorists” in the Louvre attack. “America wake up!” Um, the attacker came from the UAE, not one of the countries in the Muslim travel ban. Oh, they have a trump property. Never mind…

  6. tempebev

    Wonder how many long time green card holders are now applying for citizenship?

  7. tempebev

    I read that Ivanka and Hubby Jared worked to sink the LGBT order. I hope none of their three kiddies aren’t gay. They may wish they had understood what they were trying to undo. Doens’t anyone in DC or elsewhere remember that the US was founded on separation of politics and religion? God isn’t doing a very good job of sticking up for everyone if s(he) allows all this to be done in his(her) name.

  8. dnd

    Check out this TED talk. Not only does it assist in spotting political liars, though in fairness it’s not too difficult in the trump administration, but it may help explain the gullibility of trump supporters.

  9. dnd

    I’m rooting for the Falcons today. I would be anyway, but the fact that the Pats owner, head coach and QB are trump supporters cements it.

  10. tempebev

    I’m with you, and

  11. dnd

    OMG!!! Rob Reiner, Stephanie Miller and Frangelia will be on AM Joy Sunday. #MustSeeTV

  12. dnd

    Seeing Melania this weekend reminds me of the old saying: “If you marry for money you’ll earn every cent.”

  13. Dog's eye view

    Happy Sunday, all. Hope to visit a friend who might teach me to knit a p uss y hat this week. TBC. Ready to do some marching. Springtime for protesters!

  14. Flynn out, one psycho down, so many more to go.

  15. On a daily basis, I grow a little less afraid Trump, his WH is too turmoil riddled to really get anything done.

    • dnd

      Yeah. And the press corps smells blood. Lots of reporters want to be the next Woodward and Bernstein.

      We need to start a pool as to when this whole administration will crumble.

  16. tempebev

    I think the erosion has begun – slowly, but a little bit at a time. If the press would get together, they might just drive Spicy nuts. Melissa McC is doing a great job. He must have bad dreams about her/him.

  17. Wait till we have a natural disaster and the administration bumbles that up. Then you’ll really see his support erode.

  18. dnd

    Reporting today that trump’s supporters liked his press conference. Regions where trump supporters live have runaway opioid abuse. Coincidence?

  19. tempebev

    Do the supporters who have runaway opioid abuse indicate that their hero might also be a user and that’s why they identify with him?

  20. dog's eye view

    Happy Presidents Day Weekend.

    Jesus, I wish we could get a refund on this one. President Hillary!

  21. dnd

    Happy “Not My Presidents’ Day!” Protests abound.

  22. dnd

    Trump tours Black History Museum today. He didn’t do it on MLK Day, but chose today. Today is the anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. Coincidence?

  23. dnd

    New thread – Fake News?

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