Fake News?

It’s documented that fake news helped Trump win the presidency.  Now Trump and his supporters are calling anything reported that is not flattering “fake news.”  It’s become a regular part of their lexicon.  It’s not surprising.  Chapter 1. of “Dictatorship for Dummies” is about disparaging the press.  By repeating this over and over one convinces the masses that they can’t trust the legitimate news.  In fact if you want to be a great despot, the thing to do is take over the press and use it for your propaganda purposes.

So expect this to continue.  And expect reporters to race out to regions that elected Trump and interview people about trusting the media.  We can only hope that journalists will continue to point out the obvious disinformation.



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33 responses to “Fake News?

  1. tempebev

    What can I say? Every day it’s something coming out of his mouth that either makes no sense, or is a lie. Everything is different that Obama, but we have to put up with it for a few years. I hope nothing is adversely affecting any of you. Take care.

  2. dnd

    Alan Colmes has died.

  3. dnd

    Tom Perez voted DNC chair. Taps Keith Ellison as deputy. So we’ve got a Hispanic and a Muslim. That has got to have the alt-right in a tizzy.

  4. dnd

    When trump says he is the “least anti-Semitic” or “least racist” person you’ll ever know it is telling. He doesn’t say he’s an anti-Semite not a racist. He says he’s the least you’ll ever know. So he admits to being an anti-Semite and a racist. It’s all just a matter of degree…

  5. I was surprised, I thought Ellison was going to win.

  6. tempebev

    I”ve been really busy watching my computer and iPad for the past two days. I’m glued to the pregnant giraffe streaming from the upper NY zoo. She’s supposed to give birth,Fri, Sat, Sun, and now Mon. It’s stupid, but how many chances will I have to see a live giraffe birth?

    Caught the tail end of the Oscars last night. What a mixup! It surpassed Steve Harvey and the wrong Miss Universe. I originally thought Warren Beaty was a little off center court, but it was the accountants fault. That certainly didn’t do their perfection brand of accounting very much good.

    Back to the giraffe.

  7. dnd

    Happy Mardi Gras everybody! For Lent I’m giving up trump.

  8. D
    It’s been a while since you’ve seen a recent photo Triton, here you go.

  9. tempebev

    Hi Dog – Enjoy April. I saw a youtube video from a zoo rep this am. They don’t know for sure her due date, they may be off in the count. She’s definitely not in labor as of this morning. Yes, it is addicting. Do you follow the eaglets too?

  10. tempebev

    OK, not he’s accused Obama of tapping his phones. I can’t wait until he accuses one of the Democratic appointed justices of the S. C. of something.

  11. dnd

    I saw a report that trump was furious about Sessions recusing himself. Not a good sign for either.

  12. dnd

    I saw Kellyann Wrongway on CBS Sunday Morning trying to paint herself as a sympathetic. As a soulless poo-thrower/propagandist/liar, it’s difficult to feel for her. Sad. Sick. Trumpian.

  13. dnd

    You’re not the only one watching April:

  14. dog's eye view

    No baby giraffe yet? Go April. Maybe she’s waiting until then.

    Am not even keeping up with National Zoo pandas. I knew 3 or 4-year old Bao Bao was headed back to China (on a Fedex flight, no less). Thought we were panda-less, but no. We have Bei Bei. Rings a bell. Male born in 2015; surviving cub of twins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bei_Bei

    More fun to follow the animal kingdom than politics. I am officially sick of Trump and Kellyanne the lying shit-ass and the whole crew. Cannot watch.

    This continues, dnd might make me into a baseball fan.

  15. tempebev

    I agree Dog. That’s why I’m into April and all the eagles hatching eggs. KAC sucks rotten eggs. It’s affected her appearance. Trumps just lays eggs.

  16. dnd

    Happy International Woman’s Day!

  17. dnd

    New thread – Repeal and Replace!

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