Repeal and Replace!

Finally!  For eight years the Republicans have been trying to destroy Obama’s signature accomplishment.  During that time they weren’t busy coming up with their own comprehensive plan.  They were busy coming up with bogus reasons that Obamacare was a disaster for the American people.  So now they have hastily come up with a crappy plan that will only benefit insurance companies.  For the rest of America it will be a disaster.  Clever pols that they are, the actual implementation won’t begin until after the next elections.

Let’s face it, the only reason they hate Obamacare, which was modeled after a Heritage Foundation plan and Romneycare, is that they hate President Obama.  They failed at  their attempt to make him fail.  This upsets them so much that they are willing to do anything no matter how badly it impacts the people they represent. #Sad. #Sick.



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22 responses to “Repeal and Replace!

  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath if you’re expecting Obamacare to be repealed anytime soon!

    • dnd

      I agree. It guarantees a big loss for the right in 2018. It’s fun to watch different factions of the right fight against each other for the self-preservation/ideology divide.

  2. tempebev

    I can’t believe that they will destroy it to take away insurance from those already on it. Those who vote for it should be very worried in 2018. I really hope none of you are on Obamacare. It may be fun to watch the procedures, but for those that have the insurance, it must be extreme nail biting time.

  3. dnd

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer for everybody.

  4. Dog's eye view

    Manhattans all around. Green 🍒 cherry optional. Happy weekend. Rainy here, but perfect book reading weather. Nothing political (about this century).

  5. Dog's eye view

    Dang. Chuck Berry. 90 is a good run though. Particularly when you still have a new album coming out.

  6. dnd

    They cancelled the Trumpcare vote tonight!

  7. dnd

    It’s National Puppy Day!

  8. dog's eye view

    Relieved that Obamacare survives as the law of the land. For now. People, we have got us some psychopaths in the GOP caucus. We here always knew that, but I think some of our less politically attuned neighbors may notice that now.

    And good practice for resisting.

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