Repeal and Replace!

Finally!  For eight years the Republicans have been trying to destroy Obama’s signature accomplishment.  During that time they weren’t busy coming up with their own comprehensive plan.  They were busy coming up with bogus reasons that Obamacare was a disaster for the American people.  So now they have hastily come up with a crappy plan that will only benefit insurance companies.  For the rest of America it will be a disaster.  Clever pols that they are, the actual implementation won’t begin until after the next elections.

Let’s face it, the only reason they hate Obamacare, which was modeled after a Heritage Foundation plan and Romneycare, is that they hate President Obama.  They failed at  their attempt to make him fail.  This upsets them so much that they are willing to do anything no matter how badly it impacts the people they represent. #Sad. #Sick.



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63 responses to “Repeal and Replace!

  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath if you’re expecting Obamacare to be repealed anytime soon!

    • dnd

      I agree. It guarantees a big loss for the right in 2018. It’s fun to watch different factions of the right fight against each other for the self-preservation/ideology divide.

  2. tempebev

    I can’t believe that they will destroy it to take away insurance from those already on it. Those who vote for it should be very worried in 2018. I really hope none of you are on Obamacare. It may be fun to watch the procedures, but for those that have the insurance, it must be extreme nail biting time.

  3. dnd

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer for everybody.

  4. Dog's eye view

    Manhattans all around. Green 🍒 cherry optional. Happy weekend. Rainy here, but perfect book reading weather. Nothing political (about this century).

  5. Dog's eye view

    Dang. Chuck Berry. 90 is a good run though. Particularly when you still have a new album coming out.

  6. dnd

    They cancelled the Trumpcare vote tonight!

  7. dnd

    It’s National Puppy Day!

  8. dog's eye view

    Relieved that Obamacare survives as the law of the land. For now. People, we have got us some psychopaths in the GOP caucus. We here always knew that, but I think some of our less politically attuned neighbors may notice that now.

    And good practice for resisting.

  9. dnd

    So I’m confused. Devon Nunez name is pronounced “nuness” or “nunynes” implying a circumflex over the second “n” for the Spanish pronunciation.
    Or maybe it should be “nuez” which in Spanish means “nut.” Either way he is tostado.

  10. tempebev

    I haven’t totally deserted – just temporarily. Still waiting for the baby giraffe. April Fool’s wishes for you tomorrow.

  11. dnd

    Saw Nikki Hailey on the Sunday shows. What a partisan bimbo. Quite a contrast from Samantha Powers.

    Greta Van S. was on MTP. Does she know she’s not still at FOX. I wish MSNBC would swap her and Joy Reid’s time slots.

  12. dnd

    Isn’t Brian’s birthday coming up?

  13. Dog's eye view

    HB Brian. 59 looks good on you. On vacay, but more wifi after the weekend.

    Did that giraffe whelp yet? Be healthy, April. Stay off United Airlines.

  14. Hey folks, lots of changes going here so I thought it would be a good time to bring you all up to date. I’m leaving Children’s and have tentatively accepted at position at Wellstar, Wellstar is GA’s biggest health care providers with 11 hospitals. I’m also in the running for a remote contract with Sutter Health in Northern California, a bus load of money but it’s only an 8 month contract to start. Currently it’s my plan b.

    On the health front, things have been a little rough the last couple of weeks, it looks like I may have a case of aspiration pneumonia, still waiting for CT results to confirm, MD started me on augmentin yesterday, I think I’m feeling better but on my way to the CT I had to walk up a slight incline to make it to the imaging center, luckily it was near the ER, long story short, I was unable to make it up the incline, couldn’t catch my breath and fell. After I recovered in the ER they got me to my CT scan appointment but the whole episode has left me feeling terribly old, vulnerable and depressed. So I figured I’d dump some of it on you all! 🙂

  15. Update, apparently I have a lot of fluid around my lungs, going to the hospital tomorrow to have it drained, the fun just never ends.

    • You can’t imagine how much better you feel after having 2 litters of fluid drained off your lungs, a very quick way to lose 4.5 pounds!

      • dnd

        Glad you’re feeling better. How did all that fluid get there?

        • The plural effusion is being cased by the fungal pneumonia, the treatment appears to be infective, this is part of my CT scan results from this past Tuesday, ” Extensive progression of disease in the right upper lobe with masslike soft tissue density along the right superior mediastinum which has
          significantly increased”, I’m meeting with my pulmonologist tomorrow to discuss what’s next. I think I’m going to have to have a lobectomy (not lobotomy, beat you to it). 🙂

  16. dnd

    April gave birth yesterday! Any ideas for a name for her baby boy?

  17. tempebev

    Hi everyone. Yes, April gave birth to a boy giraffe. I was up at 5:30 and got to fulfill my desire to see a live giraffe birth. He’s cute and I think his name should be “Patches.” However, there is a contest and my opinion probably won’t win.

    Brian, what the hell. You got a new dog and now you’re falling apart. Hope the antibiotic works. Yeah, 2 liters of fluid can make you feel crappy, slow and out of breath.

    We’re still not watching the 6PM news and only the local 10PM for the weather. It’s ramping up to the upper 90’s.

    Everyone take care and I’ll be back sooner this time than later.

  18. Well some bad news folks, I have cancer, seeing the oncologist at 1:30 today.

  19. Dog's eye view

    Hugs, Brian. There is actually a lot they can do these days. In my thoughts.

    In happier news, Jason Chaffetz might forgo another election? Great. Hope this does not mean he’s in line to head some major agency. He is a hack, and a vindictive one.

    Again, love ❤️ and hugs to Brian.

  20. Met my oncologist, like him a lot, he’s a smart ass Philadelphia Jew, we’re a good match.

    Unfortunately, it’s stage 4 so my options are pretty limited. I’m going to have more fluid drained off my lungs tomorrow, and probably a permanent drain placed next week. I’m also having a full body PET scan and head MRI next Wend. Once we get the molecular studies back I might be a good candidate for gene targeted therapy but other than that my options seem to be pretty limited. So there you have it!

  21. dog's eye view

    Wow. It snuck its way to stage 4. Glad you have a good doctor. Keep us posted. I hope you will feel a lot snappier once this fluid is drained.

  22. dog's eye view

    @ Brian: on the positive side, it is officially 420.

  23. dnd

    Happy 4/20 Brian!

  24. Oh, also, I have “retired” from work, actually I’m going onto first short term disability and then long term disability. One of the good things about having worked at a large health care system, I have an excellent benefits package and will be financially secure through this.

  25. dog's eye view

    Retired! I think your coworkers probably feel whiplash. Meanwhile, Triton is thrilled with the additional Dad time. Glad you have good benefits, and hope that this is a premature retirement.

  26. tempebev

    You are in my thoughts, Brian. This news sucks.

  27. dnd

    Happy Earth Day! Every day should be Earth Day.

    • And a belated Happy Earth Day to you. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, I’m a lot of prednisone and being able to keep the fluid off my lungs is really starting to pay off.

      • dnd

        Glad to hear it. Does your fluid drain have an on/off switch or does it drain continuously?

        • The catheter stays capped, I connect it vacuum bottle which draws out the fluid, do it after my morning shower, today I only got out 650 mLs, past two days was a little over 1 litter and on Thursday they took out 2 litters at the hospital, so definitely heading in the right direction!

  28. tempebev

    Can’t believe that Trump has been playing President for almost 100 days. That seems to be the magic number that determines if the one elected has done any good. Since I’m not watching the news, I have heard that he may cause a government shut down if he doesn’t get the money to built his wall. My, my. who is going to cave so he can have his way? Or will his first 100 be a time of record failure?

  29. Got some good news today, I’m certainly due, it’s definitely lung cancer, not a a cancer that started elsewhere in my body and metastasized to my lung.

  30. tempebev

    Good luck with the MRI. Crossing my fingers and toes that it has not traveled to any other organs. Let us know about the MRI. Do you have any idea yet about treatment? I’m sure glad you’re covered by your employer.

    • Got the MRI and PET scan results yesterday, the cancer has spread some in my right lung and they found some bone lesions. Nothing in the brain or other major organs. We are waiting for the dna studies on the cancer to be completed, next week sometimes. Depending on the mutation I will either be doing chemo or targeted immune therapy. Of course targeted would be the best. Maybe some radiation too for the bone lesions. I’m going to Florida for a few days next week and will see my oncologist on the 9th to start treatment.

  31. dnd

    New thread – The First 100 Days

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