Trump’s Budget

Trump’s budget is basically: screw the poor, give to the rich.  OMB director Mick Mulvaney claims that we need to show compassion to people who pay for things like Medicaid, SNAP, food stamps, etc.  I guess he wants to boot granny out of the nursing home too.  Hello Mick, do you really want to cut farm subsidies?  Many of those guys voted for Trump.

Conspiracy theorists think this may be a setup.  The bill is so bad it will be voted down by Republicans.  Then they can go home and tell their constituents who would have been negatively impacted that they voted against it.

Who knows, but the optics are not good for Trump.  No wonder Melania hates him.



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14 responses to “Trump’s Budget

  1. A budget that reads like it’s something from a Dickens novel.

  2. No words to describe my feelings.

  3. However, after reading reports of his big trip, it doesn’t sound like he’s too well liked by anyone except the Russians and his family. Joe Lieberman pulls out of FBI chief search. AG Sessions is in trouble. His whole f,,king administration is a mess. He’s probably hoping the cooks don’t over spice his food. Mar-a-go has a sink hole on the property.

    All of this will probably lead to a massive migraine, or a tweet overload. His budget sucks and has too many errors.

  4. Hillary gave a good speech today.

  5. Opinions wanted: Who is going down in the administration? Who will be the first served with a summons? Will Mrs. T file for divorce? Will the next prez be Orrin Hatch? How far down do the investigations go? Hope you all enjoyed the 4 day weekend. See ya.

  6. dnd

    Happy Covfefe Day!

  7. Great appearance yesterday by Hillary at a tech conference. Out of fucks to give, and speaking her mind.

    Full transcript: Hillary Clinton at Code 2017
    The former U.S. Secretary of State talks with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg about the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia.

    Not watching TV. Did this get any play in the mainstream media?

    • dnd

      Yes it got a lot. One of the new things was now that she is blaming the DNC for her loss. An observation by the pundits was that she always starts with: “I take full responsibility, but…” and then goes on to blame everybody but her campaign for the loss.
      She threw pretty good shade at trump.

  8. dnd

    New thread – Au Revoir Paris

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