Au Revoir Paris



Trump’s decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement was to put it lightly, astonishingly stupid.  Even for him.    There are a number of reasons it’s stupid.

First is the obvious one.  The climate is changing and not for the better, thanks to fossil fuel emissions.  Scientists may debate how fast it’s happening or what the effects will be, but they all agree climate change is happening.  It is astonishing that people don’t believe the science.  Climatologists are some of the most educated minds around.  First you need to get a Ph.D in climatology, for which you need a Master’s level of understanding in math, physics and chemistry.  Some knowledge of computer science is required for modeling.  People don’t question if quantum tunneling is real — certainly a concept that’s harder to believe than climate change — so what’s the deal with global warming?   Unless you understand why semi-Lagrangian methods are used in modeling climate change rather than Erlangian , it’s best to STFU and believe the scientists.  And why is it a right vs. left thing?  Is science liberal?

Next it’s not too bright on the diplomatic front.  It certainly shows a lack of leadership.  Throw in we’re playing second-fiddle to China in clean energy.  If Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs, clean energy is one way to do it.  Ten times more people in America work in clean energy than is dirty, dangerous coal mining.

Finally, oil funds terrorists.  Want to defeat terrorists?  Cut off their funding source.

What a dope.



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49 responses to “Au Revoir Paris

    • dnd

      What a dope. I think trump is really nervous about the Comey hearings. I expect him to be crazier than normal this week.

  1. dnd

    Trump wants to ban Muslims because he thinks they’re all terrorists. However since 9/11 more Americans have been killed by domestic right-wing terrorists. Maybe we should ban them.

  2. tempebev

    God, I was so naive when Trump won. I actually thought he might do something good for our country. You can all call me “stupid.” Now, I can’t believe how destructive he is. I really think he might be mentally challenged or something. It’s like he wants to change everything done before he took office and doesn’t care how it affects others . His speech writers make him sound like he knows something, but his actions and tweets reveal who he really is. Vindictive and vicious. On to believing in the tooth fairy.

  3. dnd

    Well, today’s the day…

  4. dnd

    Today is National Name Your Poison Day. Coincidence?

  5. dnd

    McCain’s questioning is embarrassing. He’s clearly losing his marbles.

  6. dnd

    Labour party wins big! Au revoir Theresa May.

  7. tempebev

    Did ya hear that big quaking sound all over the US yesterday? All the dead US presidents, both Dem and Rep, are rolling over in their graves.

    It’s unbelievable what’s happening, but it’s really happening. Amazing.

  8. dnd

    Adam West has died.

  9. dnd

    Anti-Sharia Law protests in Denver turn violent.
    I hate Colorado Nazis.

  10. tempebev

    What about Arizona Arians?

  11. dnd

    My congressman, Jared Polis, is running for Colorado’s governor. That would be Colorado’s first gay governor.

  12. dnd

    Wow, trump’s cabinet meeting was surreal. Everybody sucking up to trump. They must’ve all signed loyalty pledges. Sad!

  13. dnd

    I can’t believe the shooter. What was he thinking? Shameful. And he did NOT help his party.

  14. tempebev

    Maybe he didn’t help his party, but he scared the shit out of some Reps.

  15. This is awful of me, but I was wishing the shooter was a better shot. Especially since he gave his life. I’m not sure scaring the Republicans is such a bad thing.

  16. Hey all,
    I’ve been in the hospital since Thursday, I developed obstructive pneumonia, which caused my right lung to collapse, it’s all been pretty scary but I’m starting to feel better, had some radiation today to shrink the mass that is blocking off my right lung. I will probably be in the hospital till early next week,

    I hope you all doing better than me, I suspect you all are!

  17. dnd

    Hey Brian, You feeling better? Are you in Georgia’s 6th CD?

  18. tempebev

    Keep on fighting, Brian. Crap on Georgia’s 6th.

  19. I am proud of Jon Ossoff’s results. He made up a 20 point difference, and made the GOP fight for what was presumed to be a safe seat. Sick of all the Bernie lovers dumping on him for being “corporatist.” They can shut up and run themselves and see how easy it is. Media loving the “demoralized Democrats” theme of the day, but I am not in the least demoralized, and it is the GOP who got a wake up call. The pundits will figure that out in a day or two. So predictable.

    As for the voters in Georgia’s 6th, hoped they get Handeled. Good and hard. She’s ridiculous.

    proud to be a Democrat

    • dnd

      I’d be wary of those you call “Bernie lovers.” My guess is that they are trolls trying to generate conflict in the Democratic party.
      Ossoff would have won had it not been for the voter suppression Handle was responsible for when she was secretary of state. Greg Palast reported on this on Joy Reid’s show. Check out:

  20. tempebev

    Don’t these idiot Senators know that everyone was pissed about the House AHCA version? Didn’t the Senate criticize it too? Didn’t they say their version would be much better? Are they just plain stupid or are they getting more $ from someone to buy their vote? Big what if ….. Will the lazy assed Dems get their act together in 2018 and vote these f**king Reps out of office? Probably not. I’m still naive and still hoping.

  21. tempebev

    You know, we used to have great discussions about politics. T has ruined it. Our new paradigm is to agree on what a jerk he is.

  22. Happy Monday, all. Hope Brian is feeling way better, that Bev is way feeling cooler and that dnd, well, dnd is the man of mystery, so happy Monday whatever you are doing.

  23. Still in the hospital but am getting better, slowly. The plan is for me to go home on Wend. the hospital is arranging for home health care and oxygen for me at home.

  24. dnd

    I spoke with Brian today. He’s pooped so he asked me to update everyone.
    He’s still in the hospital. He got obstructive pneumonia. The tumor was pressing on his windpipe causing one lung to collapse which in turn caused the pneumonia. He got five days of radiation last week and three days of chemo this week. They’re going after the tumor aggressively.
    He sounded pretty good and when he gets through this things should be much better.

  25. Thanks for the update, dnd. Sending all best wishes to Brian for a speedy and full recovery. Glad to hear he sounds good. Brian is a fighter.

  26. dnd

    I’m thinking this kerfuffle between trump and the morning joe anchors is a scam. They’ve been friends for years. This is a case of “any press is good press.” Joe and Mika are using this to boost ratings. Trump’s using this as a diversion. The cable crowd reporting on this are being punked.

  27. And meanwhile the GOP in the Senate take their axe to the Affordable Care Act. I cannot fucking stand US cable media. Kabuki for morons.

  28. tempebev

    I’m so glad that D was able to speak with Brian and give us an update on his condition. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that the aggressive treatment will attack that tumor. Hopefully, Brian will be back in top form to blast Trump and all the other shit that is going on. Happy 4th to everyone. Yes, it’s still hot. I personally, have not seen anything actually melt.

  29. dnd

    New thread – Repeal and Replace!

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