Repeal and Replace!


. McConnell and the Republican Senators choked.  They couldn’t get it together before the July 4th break.  Now they get to hear what their constituents think of their plan.  But all this effort begs two questions: Why and with what?

As to why it’s obvious.  They wanted President Obama to fail, putting party before country.  And now they want to destroy Obama’s legacy.  They did such a good job polishing Reagan’s  legacy, despite it’s many failures, they figure they can do the opposite with Obama.  But why?  Because he’s a Democrat?  Because he’s Black?  Because they have a craven desire for power?

So after doing all they could to sabotage Obamacare for the last eight years what have they come up with?  Nothing.  You’d think in eight years they’d have plenty of time to come up with their own plan.  Instead they cobbled together a plan in five months that’s good for the very rich and craps on everyone else.  Again why?  Perhaps they had so much trouble is because Obamacare is their plan.  It came from the Heritage Foundation.  It has ideas that go back to Nixon.

The result of this failure may be leading us down the path to a public option and then on to single payer.  And why not?  We spend more on healthcare than anyone else yet we rank 39th on good outcomes.  We could save billions.  Every other industrialized country has it so it would make our businesses more competitive.  Better than a tax cut!



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16 responses to “Repeal and Replace!

  1. dnd

    Watched the d-backs beat the Rockies. The announcers said it was 106 degrees in Phoenix. That’s hot Bev!

    • tempebev

      Actually, that’s not too bad, especially if there is a wind. They probably had the roof shut so the crowd was pretty comfy. I guess the D-backs are getting better.

  2. Want the GOP to go down in flames on this one. Make Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and their associates personas non grata. And want the Koch Brothers to become known as just as toxic and dangerous to Americans.

  3. dnd

    Seeing Chris Christie in shorts and a t-shirt on a beach lounge chair was not a pretty sight.

  4. dnd

    Happy Independence Day!

  5. tempebev

    Give C. Christy a break. He couldn’t close his legs if he wanted to. He’s really a putz.

  6. tempebev

    If it weren’t for family and friends, I would think about emigrating to Canada. Probably wouldn’t do it even if I could, but it’s a thought. Tried calling Flake’s office but the mail box was full. Good or bad sign. Either they don’t empty it on purpose, or it really was full of new calls.

  7. tempebev

    People are friendly in Tempe, but Trudeau appears to be quite a bit nicer than Trump. Still going to stay here.

  8. tempebev

    Brian, what is your status today?

  9. Very sad news. Brian’s FB page; appears he may have died yesterday, or Friday. Godspeed.

  10. tempebev

    Rest in Peace, Brian. We will miss you.

  11. Emailing dnd; maybe he’s on vacay. I think we should do a memorial tribute link to Brian, with stories about him; greatest hits, etc. We can get that going when boss dnd returns.

    I was shocked all day yesterday. Expected the death; Brian stopped answering emails or posting to FB a while back, so I knew he might be very weak. But he is so larger than life, and it ended so quickly.

    Gonna think of Brian as we fight on to resist the GOP and get OUR country back, not the serfs’ paradise the GOP is trying to foist onto us.

    • dnd

      Holy shit. I’ve been out of pocket. Didn’t know. Sad.
      I’ll get to work on a tribute thread. Hope we can all share our favorite stories.

  12. Dog's eye view

    We will do that. Dnd, I sent an email to the yahoo account from 2014 …. no idea if it’s still a good address for you.

  13. dnd

    New thread: Brian G. Arens 1959 – 2017

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