Brian G. Arens 1959 – 2017


Our pal is gone.  The crusty curmudgeon is silent.  We’re all gonna miss him.



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29 responses to “Brian G. Arens 1959 – 2017

  1. tempebev

    I miss him already. I knew his time was limited and I had heard from him a week ago on FB. Death is still a shock even if you know it’s coming. Brian was a unique individual. He didn’t hesitate to piss us off, and on the other hand, he was generous with his praise and love. He worked hard to become successful at his job and found employment in the health field. He said farewell to his closest pals, and then adopted a new buddy, Triton. Triton brought love and companionship into his life. Brian’s family supported him and were with him in the final days.

    Farewell, Brian. You brought a special light into my life. I’m thankful I was one of your friends.

  2. Sometimes-Former-Ideological-Opponent-on-Battlefield-of-Dumb-Political-Arguments-on-the-Internet

    Thanks for the yuks, condolences to friends & family.

  3. dnd

    Ever the glass half full kinda guy, Brian told me that when he was diagnosed he asked his oncologist if he could still smoke pot. His oncologist told him he could smoke all the pot he wanted. So Brian was pretty happy about that.

  4. dnd

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Shelia? I’m thinking she’d like to know.

    • tempebev

      I sent a message to MMM and asked if she would let the former BCer’s know. She said they knew, so I assume that includes Shelia.

  5. Jamie told us over on Trailmix of Brian’s passing. Just wanted to come on by and say how sorry I am to hear of this sad news. RIP Brian.

  6. I’m so sad, he was one of a kind. I learned from him and laughed with him for many years….all through the internet. RIP Brian

  7. dnd

    Chief Propagandist Sean Spicer is out, and he looks pretty pleased to be leaving the swamp. It must be hard to constantly lie for the president.
    Scarimouchi seems to the type of sycophant trump likes to surround himself with.

  8. Hello friends. I will put something up on this thread soon. Best to you all.

  9. Bye, Bye, Reince. Hello to the Mooch. I keep thinking it can’t get any worse, but it always does, every time I open Safari. No, having a PC wouldn’t help. It’s like GodFather part 4.

  10. Hooray – Scarmoochi out and Sheriff Joe guilty.

    • dnd

      I hope Sheriff Joe gets treated like he treated his prisoners.
      The Mooch got turned down for a gig at CNN. I don’t think he understands karma.

  11. An article in the Arizona Republic this morning: Rep. Trent Franks urges Muller to quit. This right-winged AZ rep is up for re-election next year. This struck me as his lowly attempt at some print time to appeal to his base. He really needs to go home and stay there.

  12. Anonymous

    Condolences to all friends and followers of Brian.

  13. tempebev

    “Republican Sen. Ron Johnson seemingly suggested last week that Sen. John McCain’s brain tumor may have affected the Arizona Republican’s judgment when he voted against the so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare late last month.”

    Can the rep senators get any lower than the above?

  14. tempebev

    I sincerely hope this blog doesn’t disappear with Brian’s passing. I know there are just a few of us left, but it’s a wonderful place to really vent or express feelings as opposed to the closed groups on Facebook. They are fine, but BC feels private, personal and the place where one can be honest.

    However, I also understand the responsibility of maintaining this blog and refreshing it from time to time. D – if you are tired of it and want to pull the plug, it’s very understandable. All I ask is that you give us a warning that it’s going to be shut down. Thanks for all your work in keeping it going. Bev

    • dnd

      I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. Brian started all this and my inclination was to let it die with Brian. But your post made me rethink all of this. I think Brian would want us to keep it going. And as long as you do, I’m all in.

      Thanks. Your posts have always made me think and the last one has too.


        Good for you D – I understand your feelings and wouldn’t blame you a bit to let it die. I’m glad you changed your mind. If it just turns out to be you and me, then I think you should probably go with your first thoughts. Maybe others will join us.

  15. dnd

    Hey Bev,
    Did you go to the Phoenix rally?


    D – I sent a message to Shirley Shep with the following message: Hi – The Backchannel is open again. I hope you and your other friends will come to visit and make a contribution.

    Perhaps you can find a new photos that marks a new beginning.

  17. dnd

    Memo to Pat Robertson: Hurricane Harvey is God punishing the U.S. for electing his buddy Trump.

  18. dnd

    New thread – Houston We Have a Problem

  19. Ah, I see you were thinking along the lines of “this blog — should it stay or should it go?” I’d been wondering about that myself.

    I’m good with keeping it up for a while.

    That said, one huge problem is that it’s so traumatic to follow the news of Trump trying to undo every good think that PBO ever did that I have checked out of obsessive political news coverage. I am so shocked and disheartened at my country for allowing this madman to get into the White House. Sick about it still.

    Of course, here’s hoping Robert Mueller and crew come up with some devastating news — maybe something that takes the whole GOP political leadership out — and we will WANT to have backchannel blog then.

    FWIW, we are such a smallish group, I’d be good with sharing stuff via emails — easier than popping over to a blog, and more private.

    And, again, I miss Brian. I am sad his life was not longer, but he would want us to fight and instigate against the dark.

    We should talk about this more. Cheers.

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