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For years the right has be demonizing Nancy Pelosi as a “San Francisco liberal.”  Okay, it’s true.  She’s from San Francisco.  She’s a liberal.  So what’s wrong with that?  It’s not like she’s a socialist, what the right is calling anyone who is a FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ or Carter Democrat.  She’s a moderate.  And what’s wrong with San Francisco?  Great diversity.  Great food.  Nothing like having a cha-cha bowl from  Orlandos at a Giants baseball game.  Ditto garlic fries and Guinness.

There are two truths here

The right has demonized Nancy Pelosi unjustly.Many on the left are fearful that this demonization may hurt them so they want Pelosi to go away,
The reality is that Pelosi is a force of nature.  She’s been one the most powerful leaders in the house in a long, long time.  That’ s what the Republicans fear.

And they should fear her.  She will kick ass and take names.

As to the Democrats who are worried, I can assure them that life with an Italian-American grandma in charge is always better.


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  1. dog's eye view aka dog hussein dog

    I love Nancy Smash.

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