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Au Revoir Paris



Trump’s decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement was to put it lightly, astonishingly stupid.  Even for him.    There are a number of reasons it’s stupid.

First is the obvious one.  The climate is changing and not for the better, thanks to fossil fuel emissions.  Scientists may debate how fast it’s happening or what the effects will be, but they all agree climate change is happening.  It is astonishing that people don’t believe the science.  Climatologists are some of the most educated minds around.  First you need to get a Ph.D in climatology, for which you need a Master’s level of understanding in math, physics and chemistry.  Some knowledge of computer science is required for modeling.  People don’t question if quantum tunneling is real — certainly a concept that’s harder to believe than climate change — so what’s the deal with global warming?   Unless you understand why semi-Lagrangian methods are used in modeling climate change rather than Erlangian , it’s best to STFU and believe the scientists.  And why is it a right vs. left thing?  Is science liberal?

Next it’s not too bright on the diplomatic front.  It certainly shows a lack of leadership.  Throw in we’re playing second-fiddle to China in clean energy.  If Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs, clean energy is one way to do it.  Ten times more people in America work in clean energy than is dirty, dangerous coal mining.

Finally, oil funds terrorists.  Want to defeat terrorists?  Cut off their funding source.

What a dope.



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