Is Obama a Socialist? by dnd

When Barack Obama explained to “Joe the plumber” that his tax policy was “spreading the wealth” the McCain campaign immediately determined that Obama is a Socialist.  Both McCain and Palin are insinuating this at campaign stops.  While Obama could have used better verbiage to explain the progressive income tax structure in the U.S., calling Obama a Socialist is a bit of a stretch.

Tax policy, by definition is about redistributing wealth, or more accurately income.  We don’t discriminate as to who gets police or fire protection or public education based on the taxes they pay.  The issue Obama is addressing is about fair taxation.

Merriam-Webster online describes socialism as “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.”

My first thoughts are that:

  1. Neither McCain nor Palin understands the definition of socialism.
  2. Their campaign doesn’t think that the American public understands socialism.
  3. All of the above.

Sure Obama could be called a Socialist for voting for Bush’s $700 billion bail-out, but then so could McCain.  And why has one of the world’s foremost capitalists, Warren Buffet, endorsed Obama?

This smacks as desperation by the McCain campaign.  It’s bad campaign strategy.  It may solidify the base, which they already have, but that’s about it.



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107 responses to “Is Obama a Socialist? by dnd

  1. John McCain has reached a new low in modern American politics. Some maverick!

  2. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  3. horsedooty

    I agree that the Repukes don’t know the definition of Socialism. It always amazes me that those that have gotten the most out of our society are the ones that think they should not have to pay for the privilege. They all think it is their hard work that did it. What about Joe the Garbageman? Doesn’t he or she work hard?

  4. dnd

    A caller from Alaska to Stephanie Miller this morning noted that Alaska is the most socialist state in America. Palin herself signed into law a windfall profits tax that gave every Alaskan $3,200. And if you recall from Todd’s tax return, all Alaskans get an annual check from the state.

    Now that’s socialist.

  5. dog's eye view

    NO, dnd. It’s the Palins and their neighbors benefitting.

    That’s American values.

  6. chefsheila

    Here is where the first action right now would be to make an add that includes Webster’s difinition of Socialism, Democracy, Republic, Capitalism. All the governing chices that we have used for success in this country.

    Its time to begin re-educating America.

  7. chefsheila

    The War on Greed starring Larry the Loophole

  8. chefsheila

    School House Rock – Tyrannosaurus Debt

  9. stophate

    If John McCain wanted to look at socialist policies he would only have to look at the “No Child Left Behind” legislation passed by President Bush with the prodding of First Lady Laura. Teachers can only teach for that test and that program throughout the country. So we now follow one program mandated by the federal authorities. That is real socialism. Barack Obama wants to end this program so doesn’t make him less of a socialist than Bush on the McCain scale ? lol

  10. chefsheila

    This is fun. I didn’t know these school house rocks were made.

    Wouldn’t it be great if School House Rock was made about Socialism and Democracy and all that to explain to adults in this country?

  11. chefsheila

    Stophate, good point! I always thought that the program was too rigid and limited.

  12. repuke

    What Obama is remains to be seen. If he is elected, we should find out in short order. Interesting that he can be president, but would not qualify to be a Secret Service Agent because of his association with terrorists.

  13. chefsheila

    Thanks Repuke.

    Obama would qualify to be a Secret Service Agent. The back ground investigation would conclude that Obama’s dealings with William Ayers was a surface relationship.

    They would also throw out any idea of subterfuge since legally, they can’t prejudice a person that wasn’t convicted 40 years ago and has been a model of society ever since.

    Nothing like a “Lie” to get a portion of the country to not see sense.

  14. dog's eye view

    EuroTom noticed something I did not about this photo from Andrew Sullivan’s website.

    “Dog, is it just me, or is Barack the spittin’ image of his grandfather????”

    Check it out. Tom is right.

  15. chefsheila

    Mike Harmon,

    Thanks for the hospitality and come on by and post. We love diverse points of view!

  16. chefsheila

    Icing on the cake! All we really need is Electoral Votes. We have that so far. Changing the course of traditionally red states is a mandate.

  17. FUCK ICING ON THE CAKE! I want a filibuster proof Senate. We got big plans!

  18. chefsheila

    ….What!…..I said Mandate didn’t I? 🙂

  19. dog's eye view

    I don’t want to see anything railroaded through Congress, Brian.

    Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

    If you didn’t like seeing it during Bush’s term, why would it be any better in Obama’s?

    Moving forward on issues where there is a broad consensus — and where the GOP has been obstructionist — that is one thing. (That accounts for Congress’s low approval rating.)

    Obama listens as well as he leads.

    That will be a good change.

  20. dnd

    Biden on a bus tour on I-25 in Colorado today and tomorrow:

    Palin was her yesterday and Todd is here today.

    I have NEVER seen Colorado get this much attention in a presidential race. We normally think of ourselves as a “flyover” state.

  21. chefsheila

    Well….Ya’ll are special this year! Feel good or feel inundated?

  22. Normally you are a flyover state


  23. dnd

    Inundated. Not by the presidential race, but by the Udall/Shaffer senate race and the Markey/Muskgrave house seat. Lots of ads and most of them are nasty.

  24. Barack Obama is holding a slight lead on John McCain in Indiana, 48-
    46, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.

    Obama’s lead in the state is being fueled largely by voter concern about the economy.
    60% of respondents list it as their biggest issue when deciding who to vote for this fall,
    and the Democrat has a 59-34 lead with that segment of the electorate.

  25. chefsheila

    Well, This Indiana lead is a good sign. Hopefully its just going to build.

  26. PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama maintains a lead over John McCain in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update from Saturday through Monday; the size of the lead varies between seven and 10 percentage points among likely voters, depending on turnout assumptions.

  27. horsedooty

    I saw an Obama yard sign today that I had not seen before.

    “Postal Workers for Obama”


  28. dnd

    Joe the mailman?

  29. chefsheila

    A Bleak First Look at Christmas Spending

    PRINCETON, NJ — A record-high 35% of Americans say they will spend less on Christmas gifts this year than what they spent in 2007. Only 9% plan to spend more.

  30. chefsheila

    I doubt that I have to make a comment with a Title like this;

    Bachmann Goes Boom!

  31. chefsheila

    DND! Love the Western States. They really aren’t afraid of protest!

  32. dnd

    Will be live streaming Biden’s rally in Greeley. I think he’s expected to go on at 1pm MDT.

    This is his first trip back to CO since the convention.

    Note: Weld county is pretty red. I think Biden’s appearance is a smart move to get out the vote.

  33. dnd

    Shelia, you and dog passed through Grand Junction on your road trip. Protesters is not the first thing that comes to mind for a small town on the western slope.

  34. Joe Biden says the election of Obama may lead to a new conflict, terrorist attack, or a third war. A careful analysis of history says he may be correct.

  35. Latest Pew Poll out!

    Growing Doubts About McCain’s Judgment, Age and Campaign Conduct
    Obama’s Lead Widens: 52%-38%

    14 Points!

  36. chefsheila

    Sheila Happy Dances!!!!! 14 points!

  37. nannymm

    Welcome, Charles.
    It is likely that we, as a nation, will be tested no matter which of these two men is elected. Although your historical perspective bears some merit, I believe we will be much safer overall with a thoughtful, measured, and level headed president (Obama) than with an erratic, impulsive, shoot-from-the-hip type (McCain.)
    Furthermore, we have many issues that need to be dealt with by the new administration. On balance, Barack Obama is, IMO, the right man to address these pressing concerns, from the economy to healthcare; from education to energy independence; from restoring America’s positive image and role in the world to global warming and the environment; from SC nominations to job creation, etc.
    The presidency is more than a single issue job. Obama is the candidate who is best able to address all of these issues, as well as any new ones that arise. It is for this reason that he is leading in the polls and is receiving endorsements from prominent Republicans like Colin Powell.

  38. dnd

    Biden rally in Greeley has started. The first speaker is a Republican, Navy vet.

  39. chefsheila

    Hi Charles,

    I’d like to be sorry Senator Biden said all that, but in the context that he was speaking…..Context now, Biden is right.

    This first 6 months are usually pretty hard. The President Elect will in fact, begin the work of a President on November 5th.

    The First six months are almost assuredly going to be trying in the very least.

    So having a man like Biden as the second Elect, is comforting to me!

  40. chefsheila

    Here is a pretty good little Documentary

    “How Far Is Down”

  41. Best news in the Pew Poll:

    “Obama’s gains notwithstanding, a widespread loss of confidence in McCain appears to be the most significant factor in the race at this point. Many more voters express doubts about McCain’s judgment than about Obama’s: 41% see McCain as “having poor judgment,” while just 29% say that this trait describes Obama. Fewer voters also view McCain as inspiring than did so in mid-September (37% now, 43% then). By contrast, 71% of voters continue to think of Obama as inspiring.”

  42. LOL, Elizabeth Dole just loaned her campaign 3 million bucks!

  43. nannymm

    She can kiss that 3 million goodbye, Brian.

  44. Along with her seat in the Senate!

  45. chefsheila

    Yes, its looking good for Hagen…..Lizzie may have seen her last blotox. 🙂

  46. Maybe she and Bob can do one of those commercials in the bathtubs for hardon pills.

  47. nannymm

    May I join you in that Happy Dance!

  48. yes, but you can’t lead nann.

  49. nannymm

    Works for me, Brian.

  50. Sheila likes to lead! pushy broad!

  51. nannymm

    I knew it! 🙂

  52. chefsheila

    You love submission Brian…..face it! 😈

  53. Based on the hints Tweety is dropping the NBC/WSJ poll is going to be devastating news for McCain!

  54. dnd

    19 minutes into Hardball Tweety brings up the fact that she is still constitutionally ignorant of the role of the veep in the Senate. It’s worth watching just to see Pat Buchanan try to defend her.

  55. nannymm

    I like the way he’s going after Palin for giving wrong info to kids about the role of the vp. It’s shameful to mislead kids like that.
    Pat Buchanan’s attempts to defend her are pathetic.

  56. nannymm

    LOl…great minds, dnd!

    Brian, do you know when the NBC/WSJ poll results will be released?

  57. McCarthy to McCain, great line!

  58. nannymm

    Bill Maher is too funny…out of his crack. LOL

  59. dnd

    Tweety just won’t let go of Bachmann and Palin. The gift that keeps on giving.

  60. My one regret about McCain not winning is to be able see Palin show up in the Senate and say “Ok I’m here, lets get to work”.

  61. nannymm

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that!

  62. 10 point lead in the NBC/WSJ poll.


    I just watched this clip from Morning Joe, they are reporting McCain’s ground game is non-existent. I seriously find that odd, is he broke? Are the state parties just saying screw it?

  64. chefsheila

    Well……I think with Gallup up 10+, PPP up 14+, and now NBC?WSJ up 10+ for Obama, we are going to see more of them stacking in that direction.

    I don’t think its going to shrink too much before the election and I’m still praying for a 15% lead….. 🙂

    Why not go for the gold. So that we don’t have to have recounts

  65. chefsheila

    Look at this guys.

    I can’t because I”m not in Michigan anymore, but as in Michigan, its going to happen in yours. Obama Campaign is a fine tuned watch,

    Wish I could!

  66. chefsheila

    I’m sure a lot of people are going to want to say that the Clintons caused a Landslide,…..but no.

    A landslide if any will have been caused by Obama’s reaction to the crisis and the bail out..

    The Clinton’s didn’t teach Obama calm, reasoned reaction. The Clintons didn’t teach Obama how to gather the best in the party.

  67. ABC News poll just out, Obama ahead by 9!

    first-time voters
    favor Obama by a lopsided 73-26 percent, lifting him to an overall advantage.

  68. chefsheila

    Oh Good! Charlie Cook is on Hardball tonight.

  69. dnd

    Biden to speak in Commerce City shortly. It’s being live streamed on

  70. chefsheila

    DID YOU HEAR COOK? “This is really big”

    I trust Charlie to be more in line with us, than anyone else. He is very careful how he states the results in polls

  71. nannymm

    Someone please pinch me! This is looking like a win beyond my wildest hopes.

  72. chefsheila

    Sarah Palin just lost Chris Matthews vote for sure….he is disgusted! lol

  73. The New York Times Magazine is set to publish an explosive story this Sunday on the inner workings and combative personalities of what has been a wild few months for the McCain campaign.

    The piece, written by Robert Draper and titled “The Making (and Remaking and Remaking) of the Candidate,” breaks some new reportorial ground, including a growing weariness within a campaign that seems more interested in tactical victories and the next compelling narratives than an overarching strategy. Draper writes:

  74. dnd

    Cook is, historically, a remarkable political analyst. He’s to be taken seriously.

  75. dnd

    Looks interesting Brian. The McCain campaign is all about tactics and nothing about strategy. Bad sign.

  76. Sounds like a total melt down, sounds like the same thing that happened to Hillary during the primary, lots of finger pointing, no one in charge.

  77. For those of you who aren’t Family Guy fans check this out. They really slammed McCain~Palin bad on Sunday!

    Fox Family Feud Over ‘Family Guy’

  78. chefsheila

    lol Chris got to Pat! Saying his view lately has been discredited….lol

  79. dnd

    Palin’s negatives outweigh her positives by 10%. Oops.

  80. Karolenna

    Hey Gang,

    Brian, I know you think I’m a doomsayer, but I will be screaming and shouting on November 5 when Obama wins. Until then I’m doing what Obama says and that’s not get too cocky. Yes, I’m excited that Obama is ahead. Guess I would not want to deal with such a let down if something happened. What if Bin Laden strikes in the next two weeks? I still believe Obama would have the most steady hand (or brain) to handle such a situation, but you know certain people in this country and how they think. Hopefully, most people will have voted if anything like that happened or even if McCain tries to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

  81. Karolenna

    It was great hearing the polls on Chris Matthews tonight. Also, Bill Maher was (as usual) fantastic. He really called it about Palin and Bachman when he said something to effect “he didn’t think anyone could come out with something more stupid than Palin”. James Carville is trying to raise money nationally for the defeat of Michelle Bachman in Minnesota. She and Palin need to go back to doing something constructive. I’d say cooking, doing laundry or washing dishes but they are both too stupid to do any of those. Have you seen the MaKawka guy from Virginia being interviewed yet and defending Bachman?

  82. BTW I really hope Obama uses his middle name when he takes the oath of office. What a great “fuck you”!

  83. hey K.
    I’m not sure a terrorist attack would help McCain, after all it happened under his party’s watch!. But god forbid, poo poo.

  84. nannymm

    Hi Karo.
    It’s fun to watch all those repugs try to defend Palin and Bachman. They make such fools of themselves.
    As far as them trying to do something constructive, may I suggest disappearing from the public arena?

  85. dog's eye view

    AP story on Palin charging Alaska taxpayers for her children’s travel.

    This sounds like a stretch to me, although it might not specifically be illegal.

    I can understand a mother wanting to travel with her children for some family time or mom and one daughter bonding experiences, and expose them to cities, even cities full of those scary people who are not the small town/ rural people with good American values.

    But it just does not sound right to stick the taxpayers with bills for what sounds like purely elective travel, without an official function for the kids. (Besides which, would expect the whole family gets a discounted government rate for travel, which could be reimbursed …)

    I guess we will see cries for an investigation of the Obama daughters’ travel now too.

  86. nannymm

    I seriously doubt Obama has ever billed the government for Michelle”s or his daughters’ travel. so let them investigate all they want. Won’t do them any good.

  87. chefsheila


    McCain Family $40.4 million

    Plain family 1.2 million

    Obama family 1.3 million

    Biden Family $277,000

    Now who is Joe Six Pack here? literally……

  88. nannymm

    I’d like to know how the heck Palin has the nerve to talk about reforming government. After the way she has abused her office, billed the state for staying in her own home, and charging for travel expenses for her family, she needs to clean up her own ways before trying to reform anything else.
    And now KO just reported that the RNC has spent about $150,000 at Neiman’s and Saks on clothes for her? Give me a break!

  89. nannymm

    For the record, “Regular Joes and Janes” DO NOT shop at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

  90. chefsheila

    ….Rupert Murdock was the sourse of the bogus $400 Lunch Bill from MO…

    I sure hope all the PUMA’s will choke on their disdain, once and for all. ;0)

    PUMA + Clintonista = Republican!!! 🙂

  91. McClatchy poll just out, Obama by 8

    lots of good info in this poll, and McClatchy is really careful about shit like this.

  92. Don’t you just love watching Sarah dig herself in deeper and deeper!

  93. dog's eye view

    Yeah, sticking your state’s taxpayers with your children’s travel expenses does not sound that “mavericky” to me — especially when a previous [Democratic — thus non-mavericky] governor, also with young children — declined to do so.

    Just does not sound like a sound principle for reformers.

  94. BTW folks I have an early morning tomorrow so I’m going to be changing the thread at 11:00 ET tonight. Speaking of threads, we need some!

  95. nannymm

    Liars, losers,and phonies. That’s what McCain and Palin are.

  96. chefsheila

    Bill and Rick on the radio…..That WAS funny!

  97. dnd

    Maybe they have designer camouflage at Neiman Marcus. I’m sure the RNC has good reason to drop that kind of cash on Caribou Barbie’s wardrobe.

  98. Karolenna

    Now some fun at the expense of McCain from Lunatics and Liars.

  99. nannymm

    Good night everyone.

  100. Barack Obama has been inspiring to me since I first watched his ’04 Convention speech. I just wish – Oh! How I wish! – he wouldn’t have said “spread the wealth”. It doesn’t change what I think he thinks about government and its purpose; I don’t think he really meant it. It’s something I might say if was tired and/or a bit drunk.

    NO rational politician or economist thinks “spreading the wealth” is the answer. Protecting and Assisting those who need financial remediation (nice Ivory Tower-speak, eh? :)) in order to uphold the Constitution’s mandate to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

    Spreading the wealth is a sloppy euphemism which just goes to show how tiring door-to-door campaigning can make even a seasoned community activist and such a damned excellent politician as Obama.

    I’m just glad “Joe” turned out to be just as human and his story so lame. Otherwise I think the ‘Thugs would’ve used the gaff to their Much Greater advantage.

    Thanks for the link of Obama’s grand parents. He really is the “spittin’ image” of his Gramps!

  101. Oops! Just read “New Thread”.


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