These are Nazis ~ BrianInNYC


These are not!


I don’t know about you folks but I sure am getting tired of hearing Republicans tossing around the label of Nazi so cavalierly. 



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32 responses to “These are Nazis ~ BrianInNYC


    I happen to think the term gets more applicable everyday,and I’m not a republican 🙂

  2. dnd

    Godwin’s law.



    Although your diligence is appreciated dont you think posting an article submitted by the white house about health care reform is kind of like asking the used car salesman if the car he is trying to sell you is reliable? If the health care bill is as simple as the 6 points highlighted in the article,why is the bill 1000 pages? Please post the article from explaining that. thx man!

  4. There is no bill yet, 1000 pages or otherwise.

  5. That is one of the bills being floated around yes. So far I believe there are 5 bills that have come out of committee so far. I’m not a great fan of Waxman, so I’m not going to defend it.


    Have the other 4 versions been similar in length? And if so it would it be safe the say that the final bill would be just as long winded? I guess we will find out. But again my point is/was its over kill and too many things can be hidden in supposed “transparent” administration.

  7. nannymm

    Nice post, Brian. People need to remember who the real Nazis were and stop using the term to label anyone with whom they disagree. This name calling has gone too far. It would be far more helpful to discuss issues calmly and intelligently.

  8. dog's eye view

    Time to take on the Nazi imagery.

    Encountered some LaRouchies Thursday in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA. They are handing out a brochure “Act Now to Stop Obama’s Nazi Health Plan!”. Cover features Hitler and 30s era Germans beaming at photoshopped in youngish Barack Obama.

    One of the 2 young men was not against health care reform, per se, and spoke enthusiastically of the Conyers plan. (Spent about a minute chatting with them, then my sister arrived.)

    Also: did not appear anyone was taking them seriously. I was just interested that they were there at all. They’d set up a table outside a Bank of America.

  9. Yeah she’s a real pip aint she d?

  10. TempeBev

    I think it’s sad that people are so tainted with hatred that they resort to using the word Nazi when referring to the President of the United States.

    I also think it’s sad that people without healthcare are attending and helping to disrupt the town halls because they have also been tainted by others convincing them that government can’t handle healthcare.

    Have you noticed how many other countries that currently have socialized medicine are considering dropping it in favor of the type of healthcare offered in the US? -0

  11. eProf2

    Just visited the original site, and Craig too is wondering about the lack of outrage when folks call the new administration Nazis and went ballistic when used against BushCo. Brian, are you and Craig collaborating on posts today?

  12. No eprof, but he is on the this blog’s mailing list, look at when I put this up and when he put his post up and you do the math!


  13. eProf2

    I saw that too; however, the “math” doesn’t preclude collaboration!

  14. Trust me, it didn’t happen!

  15. eProf2

    OK, I trust you. I was looking for a good laugh to start the day! LOL!!!

  16. Well I scooped him, that should at least put a smile on your face!

  17. eProf2

    It did when I first saw it and more so now that you’ve explained your coup.

  18. eProf2

    You go, Bernie!

  19. eProf2

    Apparently, the White House has made a deal with Pharma that any health care bill that is signed into law by President Obama will NOT allow for negotiations on drug prices between drug companies and the government. Score another hit for corporate America! Score another strike against the Obama Administration!

  20. dnd

    That’s because the administration is trying to enact health insurance reform, not health care reform.

    For a conspiracy theory on why this is a head fake from the administration to big Pharma, see my post tomorrow 😉

  21. d you’re such a blog tease!

  22. dnd

    Bernard Sanders and Ron Paul are often viewed as two of the biggest loonies in Congress. But the reality is that those two are the only two who you feel confident that they are telling you honestly how they feel. The rest are all bullshitters. The only difference is the degree.

  23. dnd

    Seems to me that Lawrence O’Donnell has been showing up on MSNBC more that Pat Buchanan. Is this an editorial shift to the left or are they auditioning O’Donnell for a show? O’Donnell is a leftist’s leftist, but he’s really smart and shows up prepared with facts rather than talking points.

  24. After Pat’s most recent appearance on Rachel’s show I’ve been wondering about his future at the network. It’s one thing to give voice to the other side but having a bigot on salary is another.

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