The President vs. the Pentagon

With all the upheaval with ISIL and Ukraine the latest right wing meme is that the President isn’t listening to his military advisers.  They reinforce this with the recent criticism from Hillary, Gates, Panetta and most lately President Carter plus a handful of retired generals who are out of the loop and armchair generals (pundits) whose motivations are to raise ratings .  You get the picture that while in a meeting with his military advisers has his hands over his ears, screaming “I can’t hear you. La la la la la.”

Apparently none of these great thinkers have ever read Walter Goerlitz’ History of the German General Staff.  Goerlitz states that staff suggests, giving pros and cons, and line decides.  The Nazi party lost sight of that.

So the critics that say that the President didn’t run with their answers don’t really get it.  Or maybe they do.  They have nothing to lose, unlike the President.  They have a myopic view, unlike the President.

p.s. As to President Carter’s criticism, the only one who may have got that right was Michael Tomasky.  When asked about this by Stephanie Miller, he replied: “Do you think that might have something to do with his grandson running for office?”


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Outsource Congress?

A couple of years ago I got new shingles on my roof.  The crew that installed it all spoke Spanish.  Most of them spoke only Spanish.  A few of them spoke a little English.  Only one of them was fluent in English.  Were they illegals?  I don’t know.  Didn’t care.  What was impressive is that they got the job done in six hours.  From tearing off the old shingles to putting on the new ones to clean up, they did it all is six short hours.   And then they went on to another job.  This is a job that took me and a couple of buddies three days to do several years ago.

About a year ago, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced that they would be in session fewer days in 2014.  Specifically, 113 days for the 113th Congress.  The most do nothing Congress in American history thinks it’s a good idea to work even less.  This while domestic problems grow and foreign issues mount.

So it got me to thinking.  If our elected representatives don’t want to work, why don’t we outsource Congress to people like those who re-roofed my house.  They worked hard.  They worked fast.  They worked long hours.  They did a great job.  And most importantly, they worked as a team.


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Can We Talk?

Joan Rivers dies at age 81.


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ISIL, ISIS, Schemisis

Lets see.

1. Nobody likes these guys.

2. They are brutal fanatics.

3, John McCain was seen a year ago shaking their hands saying they are “Freedom Fighters.”



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Israel vs. Hamas

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has everyone wondering how to end this mess.  Secretary of State John Kerry has been working his ass off only to be the object of criticism for his efforts.  Which is weird as he’s the only one who’s trying.

As with many issues in life, one has only to turn to the old Andy Griffith Show for the answer.  A 1960 show, A Feud is a Feud, featured the Carters and Wakefield’s feud.  At one point Andy told them: “You been a feudin’ so long you forgot what you been a feudin’ about.”

Secretary Kerry, it’s worth a try.



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Immigration and Independence Day

Protesters in Murrieta California blocked Homeland Security buses carrying undocumented immigrants.  Many of the undocumented are children sent by their parents in hopes of a better life.  Similarly the protesters parents or grandparents or great-grandparents came here seeking a better life.  On this 4th of July the protesters should be ashamed of themselves.


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Should Hillary Run?

Ever since Secretary Clinton resigned her post at the State Department there has been rampant speculation if she’s planning to run for the presidency.  The book tour has further fueled the speculation.  The punditry conventional wisdom is that she will run and easily get the nomination.  Many say that she has a solid chance to win the general.  But the question remains: should she run?

Should she win, it would certainly be a historic occasion.  It would serve as a role model for many young women for generations.  However there are a couple of arguments against her candidacy.  MSNBC’s Krystal Ball argues that while Sec. Clinton is eminently qualified, the campaign will be extraordinarily ugly, reaching new lows from the right.  It must be remembered that the right loathes Hillary.   And they’re not too fond of Bill.  Remember that impeachment thing?  The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown has perhaps the most cogent argument.  She states that Sec. Clinton is an ambitious woman who wants to make a difference, particularly on women’s issues.  Given the obstructionist Congress she would likely inherit, it would be doubtful she could get much of her agenda done as president.  Brown states that Sec. Clinton could get much more done as a private citizen.

So, should Hillary run?



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