Police State!

Arizona Governor Signs a Controversial Immigration Bill




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57 responses to “Police State!

  1. tonyb39

    Wow,so cruel! Arizona Republican’s should be ashamed but i bet their not.WTF,yep they turn their rage on brown people.The trade policies in this country are responsible for the loss of are jobs yet brown folks become their scapegoat,terrible..

  2. nannymm

    That damned presser was just creepy! All the religious references annoy the hell out of me. And the bill itself is outrageous!

  3. eprof2

    You beat me to it, Brian. But, thanks for the post, anyway. It is SO embarrassing being a progressive and an advocate of open borders to be living in AZ now. Being the last state to have a MLK, Jr., holiday, the state that allows guns, both concealed and otherwise to be allowed without a permit, making presidential candidates show their birth certificates, and asking for 3,000 armed national guard be sent to the border along with more Border Patrol agents than the 4,000 already there, you’re absolutely right that AZ is becoming the most racist state and the most like a police state anywhere in the US.

    As a protest, because I can’t leave with a huge family here, I’m taking my AZ state flag license plate off the front of my p/u and sending it to the governor telling her how embarrassed I am to no longer feel proud of being an Arizonan.

  4. TempeBev

    If anyone was in doubt where Arizona is located, now they definitely know. There are already lawsuits being announced. Some St Rep says Arizonans will sleep more soundly when the law goes into effect. Oh yeah, I’ll sleep better. I really doubt that Jan Brewer will be elected gov in Nov.

    There are lots demonstrators at the capitol right
    now. The police will be “trained” to respect everyone civil rights. No racial profiling. What a bunch of s–t! So far no violence at the capitol.
    It will be interesting, that’s for sure.

  5. State motto should be changed to “papers please”.

  6. TempeBev

    Eprof2-glad I didn’t get a license place or holder. I like your idea.

  7. TempeBev

    The lawsuits are in the works. “The protesters are overreacting” according to the Gov.

  8. nannymm

    Bev and eProf, I feel badly for both of you. How embarrassing it must be for both of you! This is one of the most outrageous laws I’ve ever seen. It’s despicable and must be overturned by the courts.
    For the record, in 1975 when I first moved to Texas as the new bride of a Border Patrol Agent, there were only 2, 500 BP Agents in the entire country… northern border included. The idea that arizona needs more than 4,000 agents is absurd. And the National Guard does not belong on the border.
    Regarding the law requiring presidential candidates to show their birth certificates, what a crock of shit! States cannot legally require any such thing. It’s just another crazy right wing law that will be struck down as unconstitutional.

  9. nannymm

    “The lawsuits are in the works.”
    Where can we contribute to the legal fund?

  10. eprof2

    My family is mostly Hispanic by ethnicity, including my wife. There have been many occasions in the past where a family member has been stopped for alleged traffic issue when the real reason has been to question their legal status. This happened to my 16 year old grandson last fall. After a fifteen minute interogation, he was let go with a warning not to have such a bright light on his rear license plate.

    This new “show me your papers” law will make it even easier to stop family members and question them without any cause now. This law will have the unintended consequence of dividing not only the entire population of AZ but families, too. Great day for Arizona!

  11. I’m sure the ACLU will be all over it.

  12. nannymm

    I’m so sorry your grandson had to endure that, Steve, and sorrier still that this kind of harassment will now intensify. I don’t think the lawmakers in Arizona have any idea of what they have unleashed. I hope this galvanizes every Latina and progressive to get out their and fight. And in Arizona, I hope it’s the beginning of the end of your repug state legislators, senators and governor.

  13. eprof2

    I’m concerned, Nanny, that this right wing, Republican law-making lately will only encourage more insane legislation and make it easier for wing-nuts and tea-party candidates to come to the foreground. The test will be to see what McCain will say and how he will fend off the tea-party candidate, JD Hayworth. And, will any Republican stand up for decency and the human rights? The show me your papers law was passed with every Republican voting for it.

  14. Well isn’t the “birther law” soon to be signed in too?

  15. eprof2

    Is anyone else having trouble getting into FB?

  16. eprof2

    Never mind! I just got in.

  17. dooty

    I have heard some rumblings by the crazed you know who’s here in Texas, that they are gonna start harassing the state legislature to pass some version like this law that AZ just passed. New Mexico is sure to fall in line also. I think this is all coming from the murder that happened last month on the border in the boot heel of NM where a rancher was murdered by (they think) a Mexican national drug runner. The murderer has not been found at this time. Now I don’t know just how many American ranchers have been murdered in the past but this one seems to have raised the hackles of the right. I would bet Americans murdering Americans is a bigger number.

  18. TempeBev

    Sad embarrassing day for AZ. ACLU is already pursuing a lawsuit.

  19. Here’s the other issue that won’t get discussed much. It’s going to cost the state millions of dollars to fight this out in the courts and everyone knows in the end the state will loose. In this time of states struggling to keep kindergarten open it’s a disgrace to be wasting money like this.

  20. nannymm

    Doots, as soon as I heard about this Arizona law I told my husband that Texas and South Carolina would be next. Disgusting! I’m so glad I’m a New Yorker!!

  21. nannymm

    It’s about energizing their base, Brian. I just hope and pray that it backfires. While every elected repug voted for it, I’m sure some of them did so out of fear of a primary challenge. Hopefully moderate repug voters will be decent enough to join with Dems and vote them vote out.

  22. eprof2

    Dooty, you make a great point re: the murdered rancher inasmuch as it has been assumed by a lot of people here in AZ to have been the work of a drug cartel killer. No ONE knows what happened that morning when the rancher was killed. This took place twenty miles from the border; yet, it had to be a Mexican illegal who did it. How do they know that? Because a police officer said he “tracked” the killer twenty miles back to the border and saw the footprints on the other side. Give me a break! Footprints for twenty miles? Oh, I forgot: all Mexicans wear different shoes than those worn by norteamericanos! It’s the mantra now that a Mexican drug cartel killer did the dasterdly deed.

  23. nannymm

    They’re willing to blame “illegals” for every ill that befalls them. I can’t believe the narrow mindedness of these people, not to mention the hatred and spitefulness. Of course, we all know that there is a huge element of bigotry going on here, too. At times like this, I’m ashamed to be an American. We must be the laughing stock of Canada and Europe.

  24. eprof2

    And, we have yet to hear from the Mexican government, adjacent Mexican state government, and the Mexican people. There will be international consequences for this awful law.

  25. nannymm

    I love this!!
    “Doctors are reasonable people”
    Senate hopeful Sue Lowden’s plan for Healthcare reform is to barter chickens for medical procedures. But you may be unsure how many chickens are required for your medical care. This handy calculator converts many common procedures into chickens so you won’t look like an idiot at your next Doctor’s Appointment.


  26. nannymm

    Sen. Mark Udall: Democrats Are ‘Within A Vote Or Two’ Of Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell This Year

  27. I left this on another site.

    “How often have I said this.

    Welcome to America The Fourth Reich.

    Brought to you by the Republican, Fascist, Racist, Bigoted,American Christian Taliban Nazi’s and their Kapo Jews like Eric Cantor and Judas Iscariot Lieberman.

    Arizona the first state to show the Republicans true colors.

    Its time to break up the Union and kick those states out that continually show their Racism and Bigotry. We all know who those states are.

    Let those who believe in the Union {America}move out of those states and tell those who stay to Go Get Fucked.

    Let them scream for Our Socialist Help when the next disaster hits them. You know like Tornado’s, Fires, Earthquakes and any other Natural Disaster that hits them.

    Fuck them all. Remove their Congressmen and Congresswomen as well as all their State Senators and send them back to their Fascist States. Strip them all of their benefits earned under their tenure as Representatives of the United States Senate and Congress including their Pensions, Health-care and any and all other benefits they get from Tax Payers.

    And if they want another War I say give it to them and when we win again execute them all for Treason.

    No mercy, no compassion and no mistakes like Lincoln made so they can never rise up again to destroy Our Country.

    Lets do it now and get it over with. Then we can once again rebuild Our Country that they have worked so hard to destroy.

    Well I’m done ranting now and I stand by what I say.

    Fuck them all and do it now.

    God Bless.”

    What truly surprises me is that they didn’t pass a law stating all people that aren’t pure White Skinned should be tattooed to identify those who are Hispanics.

    After all it worked so well for Hitler and His Nazi’s in 1930’s Germany.

    God Bless.

  28. I say if they pass the proof of Citizenship that the people start demanding proof from all elected officials of states and national offices for proof that their legally eligible to hold the office their running for.

    And that includes all those who are currently holding office as well.

    Lets start demanding that they all show their long copies of their birth certificates and all other documentation proving their American Citizens.

    And lets start with all those elected officials in Arizona including John McInsane.

    Time to check out a few other sites.

    God Bless.

  29. nannymm

    Hey A-P. I’m all for kicking them out; they’re a drain on this country. Worse than leeches.

  30. Hi nannymm…

    Really, lets demand proof of their American Citizenship and the right to hold their public office.

    After all what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander as well.

  31. Well its time to catch K.O. on the internet tubes as Stevens would say.

    God Bless.

  32. nannymm

    Yeah, and when they produce their proof, let’s confiscate it and deport them. 🙂

  33. MadMustard

    From the Legal Eagles

    Well, I’m a standing on a corner 
    in Winslow, Arizona… 
    should I take flight and flee?

    It’s the law, my Lord, in an unmarked Ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me

    Come on, baby, don’t say maybe
    I gotta know if your sidearm is gonna taze me

    I may lose and you may win but I’ll never be here again. So open up I’m climbin’ in… but take it easy. 

  34. nannymm

    “I just went to my doctor’s office for a sinus/ear infection. I had never seen this particular physician before and certainly didn’t bring up politics with him, but as I was about to pay my bill, he volunteered, “We take cash, check, credit or debit card. No chickens.” I’m in Indiana, mind you. I think Sue Lowden is in real trouble if even random doctors in Indiana are mocking her to near-total strangers.”

  35. Something to lighten the mood from the hardest working woman in show biz:

  36. dooty

    This Az law is gonna get a lot of challenges. Jeffrey Toobin the law expert on CNN last night said he thought the best challenge would be that a state can’t over take the Federal jurisdiction. Maybe that is like when CA passed Medical Marajanna use and then the Feds bust the stores that have a state license to sell the MJ.

    • dnd

      Edwin Hubble would have been proud of those images. It’s weird that his push to get astronomy to be an area of physics met resistance, since from the time of Galileo and Copernicus physical laws were discovered through astronomy.

  37. The moronic right’s next big cause.

    Health, Privacy And Judgement Day Concerns Spurring States’ Microchip-Implant Ban Bills


  38. Archie Comics’ gay turn: An explainer

    What the arrival of hunky Kevin means for the traditionally conservative franchise aimed at kids


  39. tonyb39


    “Vive le Sarkozy”

    “Two-thirds of French people want a law limiting the use of face-covering Islamic veils such as the niqab and the burqa, with only a minority backing the government’s plan for a complete ban, a poll showed Saturday. President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government is expected to present a bill in May on banning full veils from the public sphere, against the advice of legal experts who recommend a milder rule focusing on state institutions. – Most French want burqa law, but not total ban”

    • dnd

      Taylor Marsh conveniently ignores the bigotry implicit in French nationalism. If you ain’t a multi-generational frog, they think you’re inferior. It’s odd that an uber-feminist like Marsh would support denying women the freedom to wear what they choose.

      But she thinks Obama’s a Muslim, so maybe that’s what’s behind her current rant. 😉

      • dnd

        Two things I’m wondering about this new Arizona law:

        1. I wonder how soon the exodus from Arizona will start to states like California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. Productive, law abiding (other than they are here illegally) residents probably don’t want to wait around for the threat of cops questioning them. And when that exodus happens, how’s that gonna impact Arizona’s economy?

        2. Will birther cops ask President Obama for his papers when he visits Arizona?

  40. BTW tony how long are you going to hold on to that “39” nick?

  41. dooty

    Mad Mustard,

    great song. Thanks I needed the laugh.

  42. Morning peeps,
    D I suspect this law will have many economic consequences for Az, I’m sure boycotts against the state are already in the works.

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