Will he stay or will he go?



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46 responses to “Will he stay or will he go?

  1. dooty


    the games have begun.

  2. I’ve been wondering how much of what McChrystal said is driven by an urge to protect his own ass since things aren’t going all that great in the war and he knows the prez has to start pulling troops out as he promised he would.

  3. dooty

    could be the withdrawal date is one year from today or tomorrow I think I heard this morning. Isn’t it McChrystal’s plan that he is supposed to implement?

  4. Well doots that’s what so weird about the entire situation, the prez has given McChrystal everything he wants.

  5. dooty

    so nobody answered my question of yesterday. If he is fired what if any benefits will the General be allowed to keep? Tricare 6 figure retirement pay base privileges?

  6. dooty

    what I have heard today on Morning Load is that he wants to stay there another 10 years. Obama has set a withdrawal deadline. I don’t know. But I would fire his ass today.

  7. I would fire him too, keeping him I think sends a very bad message to the troops.

  8. dooty

    I would make him sweat some first. He would be subject to me talking to him long and slow. Might be some yelling in there too.

  9. dooty

    Oh, I forgot. I would make him sit in the outer office for a lot longer than he planned.

  10. If he is fired I suspect he doesn’t automatically leave the military – he just stays in with no prospects of career advancements. He keeps his pension.

  11. MSNBC has reported that McChrystal left the WH immediately after meeting with the prez and not attending the war planning meeting. If that’s true he’s gone.

    • dnd

      The question, which has not been addressed by the media, is what will happen to all those McChrystal aides that badmouthed the prez too.

  12. d I knew it was a matter of time before you posted that vid!

  13. dooty

    msnbc reporting that mcchrystal has left the wh after meeting with Gates and then Obama. There is supposed to be another meeting what the general was supposed to be in but he seems to have left and that is leading to speculation that he is out of a job.

  14. dooty

    sorry for stepping on your post Brian It was not posted when I started mine

  15. It’s ok doots, LOL. Some news is worth repeating!

  16. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wed, June 23, 2010 — 12:00 PM ET

    United States and England Advance to Round of 16 in the World Cup

    Landon Donovan’s goal in extra time propelled the United
    States past Algeria, 1-0, while England beat Slovenia, 1-0,
    to take the other group C berth in the tournament.

  17. Prez to make a statement from the Rose Garden at 1:30, my gut says if the general was staying the prez wouldn’t go on TV to say so.

  18. dog's eye view

    From our sidebar links: Caitlin Kelly of True/Slant on how Rolling Stone’s freelancer got the McChrystal story.

    Partly a stroke of luck, being stuck in Paris with his subjects as all waited for the Icelandic volcano ash to clear.

    Kelly thinks McChrystal vented on purpose, out of frustration.


  19. I think McChrystal was looking to protect his own ass dog, the prez gave him everything he asked for and things are not going well in Afghanistan.

  20. MSNBC is reporting McChrystal was relieved of his command.

  21. dooty

    yep just heard that too Brian. Covering his own ass is a big past time in the military upper command.

  22. yep, that’s what msnbc is reporting. Good strategy politically, boxes in the repugs.

  23. It’s how the president says what he’s going to say is important, not what he is going to say. I’m curious if he will say “I’ve relieved Gen. McChrystal…..”

  24. Folks if you want to know what the prez looks like when he’s seriously pissed this is it!

  25. Yeah I noticed that too. It’s a tough job, nice perks though.

    • dnd

      I guess Petraeus was the logical choice, but he’s a proponent of McChrystal’s anti-insurgent strategy. Things have been getting worse in Afghanistan, not better. Perhaps a different strategy might be better.

  26. Like coming home d? More and more I grow weary of this war. I wish the prez had gone with Biden’s advice on this one.

  27. dog's eye view

    It sounds like Biden’s advice was the best; might be why he was referred to as “Bite Me.”

    Hoping this episode is the beginning of an accelerated end in Afghanistan.

    Would it be great to stabilize the country? Sure.

    Is it doable or worth the cost? Nada. No public support.

  28. dog's eye view

    I hope the U.S. steps up and helps those Afghans who aided us (translators, etc.), should they be endangered by our leaving.

    We need to do way better by our Iraqi employees.

  29. dog's eye view

    Oy vey. National Enquirer broke story that a Portland, Oregon massage therapist accuses former VP Gore of making unwanted sexual advances during an October 2006 appointment.

    She wouldn’t press on with case in late 2006/early 2007; she and then her lawyer cancelled several meetings with police; attorney said they’d handle the case in civil court.

    And then in January 2009 opens the matter again.

    AP story in New York Times:

    “But in January 2009, she contacted the police and gave a statement in which she said Mr. Gore had tried to have sex with her during an appointment at the Hotel Lucia. The National Enquirer first reported the accusations on Wednesday.

    The woman “refuses to cooperate with the investigation or even report a crime,” the report states.

    In January 2009, the case was reopened. Detectives interviewed the woman but determined that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations.

    … Detective Mary Wheat, a Portland police spokeswoman, said the woman contacted detectives this month and asked for a copy of her statement. The woman, according to Detective Wheat, said she planned to take her case to the news media.”



    If the masseuse’s attorney is Gloria Allred, I shall vomit.

  30. dog's eye view

    Sounds like cablepalooza acoming.

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