3/28/09: Your Weekly Address



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48 responses to “3/28/09: Your Weekly Address

  1. How refreshing after the chaos that New Orleans become, there’s not going to be a “New Orleans’ under this president’s watch!

  2. good morning ….. new thread

  3. I usually don’t put a table with flowers right in front of a fireplace ….lol…unless I need a dash of color in the frame….

  4. I hope “she who should not be named” saw my post about contacting the subscription dept and getting her name removed.

  5. good morning passion crocus

  6. dnd

    Wouldn’t it have been easier for Obama to hop on AF-1 and fly over Fargo once it’s been flooded?

  7. lol …funny

    Hey is it nice in the City today ? We are still freezing here, and I want to get out into the garden, but 40 is kind of chilly….not as much fun.

  8. Well he’s going to be hanging out with the NATO crowd next week, perhaps on his way home he’ll take a fly over of the Red River Valley. Or they can take vids and put it up on youtube for the prez to see!

  9. if you go out UB don’t forget your flannel thongs.

  10. dnd

    I want to get out into the garden too. Unfortunately it’s covered with 18″ of snow from Thursday’s storm 😦

  11. About the flood, around here we have ships/boats that are Ice breakers, so to keep water moving…..what exactly is the cause of this flood, and was there anything they could have done to prevent it?
    lol flannel thong….omg

    don’t you love the way gardeners share plants, cuttings and seeds….some of my plants I name after the people who gave them to me…lol…

  12. The Red River has crested!

  13. Smart politics for Hutchison to diss sister Sarah?


    check out the comments, the repugs are really ripping into each other, such fun!

  14. Steve

    18, DND? Sheesh….raining here and I am just up from a mid-morning nap…Its a beautiful day for the greening of the earth and Georgia needs all the rain it can get. We are slowly emerging from a long drought…..

    Of Krugman….this is one more example of why any sensible centrist like me must continue to lean leftward. Did we see any evidence of honest dissent from the Right during the wasted Bush years? The whole Right Wing was in lock step. I like the fact that the Dems have blue dogs and Krugmans and other odd characters….

  15. Exactly Steve,
    For the most part I agree with Krugman, and feel he’s doing a good job in holding Obama’s feet to the first, that doesn’t mean my support of the president has wavered in anyway. Krugman IMO is right on the issues, just wrong on the politics, a fine balancing act for the president to walk.

  16. CNN In Third Place In Prime Time For First Time


  17. It’s always easier for the guy on the outside to comment on the issues because he doesn’t have to deal with the obstacles of opposing and differing positions on the inside.

    It’s a good thing Krugman can express his ideas without being labeled unpatriotic.

  18. Expressing your ideas is patriotic!

  19. Steve

    Its the country that matters, not Obama and for right now, he continues to be our best shot. The Limbaughs of the world are going to rag on him no matter what, but when Krugman or Bayh chime in there’s more validity to it. At least Limbaugh let’s you know where he stands (I think any thing other than standing would require too much movement for him). He wants the President of the United States to fail.

  20. Krugman is not an odd character, he’s a Liberal!

  21. nannymm

    Good afternoon, everyone. Just dropping in for a few minutes, taking a break from party preparations.
    I fear that Krugman is right on the economy. Like him, I think we need a new-New Deal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get it any time soon.

  22. nannymm

    Hey, Brian. Who’s in charge of the Marketing Department? Didn’t you fire him last week? 😉

  23. China: YouTube Again Accessible

    “The block came during a week when China was criticizing an Internet video, released by the Tibetan government in exile and put up on YouTube and other Web sites, that showed Chinese security officers beating handcuffed Tibetans.”


  24. Steve

    I just hope Obama’s eco-policies continue to inspire some (cautious) confidence in investors. I got VEEEEERRRRY lightly into the market last week and am planning on more incremental buys. I believe the market has bottomed out.

    Speaking of the New Deal, reading a pretty good little book on FDR as commander in chief called “Soldier of Freedom.” It came out in 1970.

  25. Labron James….for you b-ball fans….

  26. Does This Look Like a Motorcycle? (video and article)

    When Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony founded Aptera Motors in 2006, they wanted to create the world’s most fuel-efficient car. To do that, they had to ditch all conventional notions of car design to make the most aerodynamic vehicle possible.


  27. Agreed Steve, I think we’ve found the bottom of this market too. And on that score as sloppy as TARP was/is it’s time for people to start admitting it did what it was meant to do, stop the slide.

  28. Steve

    UB, Lebron is an artist!

    Brian, i think there’s a chance we may see a slight dip somewhere but its better to start getting a long position now than to wait any further…Happy Days Are Here Again?

  29. I really love the way this woman sings.

  30. Steve

    Brian, don’t think i have ever mentioned it to you but I am a big Dylan fan. I used to have all of his records starting in 1962 and going through 1988, then converted to CDS and have several. We saw him in 1987 and 1997….

  31. colleen

    Hello friends, I hope you are all having fun and restful weekends.

    2 things:

    Janet Napolitano is impressive

    Would love for the Obama Admin to hire on Krugman as a consultant

  32. Spanish Court Weighs Inquiry on Torture for 6 Bush-Era Officials

    “But some American experts said that even if warrants were issued their significance could be more symbolic than practical, and that it was a near certainty that the warrants would not lead to arrests if the officials did not leave the United States.”


  33. Hey Colleen, same back to you……

    about to head out to the store….but I agree with both your comments….

  34. This is a pretty good service, hulu.com especially if you like Family Guy, lots of episodes!

  35. I like the hulu commercials. 🙂

    They talk about turning your brain into mush.

  36. Steve…

    I would go very carefully into the market. There is still the credit card bubble that will bust soon. Remember that there are a lot of people out of work who have been using their credit cards to purchase food.

    They are also using them to pay their bills and when they reach the limit and can not even make minimun payment you will see the credit card market collasping.

    So tread carefully my friend.

    God Bless.

  37. Hey AnonP,
    Good to see you, how’s the family?

    You are right on the money about the credit card bubble…..and it is all unsecured debt. I am not sure if the “market” has factored it in, but everyone sure knows about it.

  38. Hi Gang…

    Been offline for the last couple days since no news is good news.

    I think my job is in danger and by May 15th. I may know if I will have a job come August 1st. or if I won’t.

    Since my department is non budgeted and the schools are facing a $240 Million Dollar shortfall my position doesn’t look to secure.

    If I lose it I will just apply for Social Security and take the 20% lose since I don’t reach full retirement until I’m 65 and I will only be 63 next month.

    So it looks like I’m once again in the doom and gloom mode for awhile.

    As far as I’m concerned Obama is doing a damn good job and we all have to watch out that the right wing don’t incite there base to do something terrible.

    We all have lived through three horrible events which in my opinion is more than anyone should have to live through. Hell even one is way too much and I don’t relish it turning into four.

    Anyway I’m going to go see whats up over at TM and will probably not get back tonight.

    Take care all and …

    God Bless.

  39. If I lose it I will just apply for Social Security and take the 20% lose since I don’t reach full retirement until I’m 65 and I will only be 63 next month.

    Should be 66 and not 65.

    Hi U.B…..

    So your planting tomatoes huh?

    I did that once when I was still married and had a home. Had a lot more then we could eat and gave plenty away so they wouldn’t go to waste.

    Catch you later.

    God Bless.

  40. Good to see you, AnonP and take care……you know we love you whether you are down or up…..don’t be a stranger….

    My mother put extras tomatoes in a basket in front of her home, with a sign saying “take what you need.”


  41. a listen for anyone out there

    stronger than me amy winehouse live at jool holland

  42. Seriously, what the hell are the Jonas Brothers doing on SNL?

  43. “f ” ing up the show? it’s a re-run.
    Technology fails me again…..I have to pick my Hub up at about 3:30 am, and no one can find our GPS….now I know this sounds strange to those of you who don’t need a GPS, but in the wee hours of the night it’s nice to have some help….especially when your heading into the country where every cornfield looks like the other.

    ok …jumping off this train and going for some shut eye before I head out into the twilight zone ….

    I may be a zombie when I return, if not already… 😉

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